After years of utter devastation and floods caused by climate change, mother nature has finally been rescued by mankind. As the picture shows, a man is lifting the symbolic mother nature, in the form of a woman, out of a pool of water.

Humans are responsible for much of the environmental damage we have caused to mother nature in the last few decades. We have failed to control green house gases, we keep digging out vast tracts of the earth in the name of progress, we keep constructing buildings, factories, dams and even worse, we keep on creating the tools of warfare.

Mother nature has retaliated by causing heavy rain and floods throughout the world. There are typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes, the air is getting impossible to breath. Just two months ago, a huge tree fell in our driveway in Ottawa, Canada, missing our house by just a few feet. Right now, large portions of Bengaluru are under water; in fact, there are massive floods all over the Indian sub-continent.

However, whenever there is a crisis, humans rise to the occasion. Men have created this massive environmental problem, and mankind, alone, will solve it. The picture shows clearly that humans will lift mother nature out of this terrible mess.

How will this happen? There are many different possibilities. Maybe, humans will stop fighting each other so that countries can work together on fighting air and water pollution. Maybe, things will get so bad, that they will eventually start getting better. Maybe, some scientist will develop some new way of capturing carbon, maybe everyone will switch to renewable energy.

Maybe, humans will finally realize that they need to simplify their lives and consume less of everything. To me, this seems the best solution. People nowadays eat too much, waste a lot of food, throw away gadgets, and drive much bigger cars than they need. They buy new clothes whenever the fashions change, without caring for the environmental costs of discarded clothes.

Whatever happens, humans will solve the problem and lift mother nature out of this mess. As the picture shows, mother nature and mankind will give each other a big hug, becoming the best of friends and live happily ever after.

It has happened in the past. In almost every culture there is a story of a flood and some forms of life being saved from it. Noah put one pair of animals of every species in an ark that floated on the flood waters, ensuring the survival of the species. Hindu mythology also has a story of the flood. Instead of trying to just secure the material things, the story goes a little further. A turtle carried the Vedas on his snout and saved them from the flood waters. The Indian mind runs very deep and realizes that knowledge is the key to everything. If knowledge is saved, then human life can continue on this earth.

Or, to put it in today’s language, civilization dies in darkness.