Much of my learning comes from observing – people, things, surroundings.

Mother Nature has taught me many a thing.
I would remain indebted to Her.

The ubiquitous air touches all but never clings to anything or being.
From the air, I have learnt a profound lesson that though one may meet, move around with people, but in order to have a smooth, pleasurable life journey, one must never attach oneself with any thing or being.

A rapacious fish falls an easy victim to the bait, gets caught and killed by the fisherman.
Likewise, a person who is greedy, who allows his senses to overpower him, loses his independence and easily gets ruined!

Yesterday, I saw a stray dog with a piece of flesh in it’s mouth.
It was being attacked by other dogs, badly injured by them.
A black dog from the pack successfully snatched the piece from the wounded dog, only to be followed by unsuccessful ferocious canines.
Sensing a danger to it’s life, the black dog immediately abandoned the piece of flesh.
The pack left it unhurt. I could clearly see that the black dog was now feeling much relaxed.

From the black dog, I learnt an invaluable lesson :
“Do not crave for things for which the whole world is mad.
Otherwise you will harm yourself.”

~ Sanjay Gargish ~