Mother, when you look into my eyes,
Anger sleeps and greed dies.
When you put your hand on my head-
The world stills, and time flies.

When you look into my eyes, mother,
The wind blows, the rain drops
When you whisper into my ears-
The world spins, and time stops.

For your attention, mother,
I have cried, I have sung
To nameless tunes and unknown rhythms-
I have danced and I have tried.

Seeking your attention, mother,
I have forgotten, often,
To pay attention to this body and mind.
Yet whatever I’ve done or not done,
You’ve simply looked at me and smiled.

Remind me again, mother, that we were never apart.
Sing me your lullaby and hold me.
Look at me even when my eyes are closed, mother.
Open my eyes for me.

The great ones have climbed their mountains
They have roared their lion’s roar.
I am just a baby, lost and tired.
When will you come for me?