O divine Mother

these eyes have long found You

in the steady flame

of the morning lamp.

And yet, the ears strain

to catch the tinkling of Your anklet

a loving word

an endearment.

For without Your voice

I’ll be lost

irrelevant and irredeemable.

Often, I see You

in the mellow speech

of my silent master.

In the fire that surrounds his being

Your radiance burns

like a thousand suns


It is as if You have made a home

on the green acres

of his gentle heart.

And like a stream You flow

gushing through him

healing many a uprooted trees.

O Mother, this head round as earth

it too knows your touch.

Your soft feminine feet

red as rouge

has been its refuge countless times.

In the silent space

which is all dark

but for the iridescence of your face

You seem so near

tall and lithe.

Graceful, Mother

full of love

forgive me now

so little I know

my ignorance roams the skies

shoot me with Your golden arrow

bring me down

bring me down

at his feet.

I offer my humble obeisance in the divine feet of SriHari and thank Him a million fold for ushering such beauty, bliss and wisdom in our lives and it all began with the advent of our great great master. With the deepest gratitude and devotion, a small offering.