Life’s toughest decision for anyone would be, “to stay or to move on” finding thousands of reason to move on but being stuck at that single reason which says, stay even though it hurts your heart screams at the top of the lungs, “just S-T-A-Y” And then comes the moment when you decided to move on, you moved on but only for the sake of saying; your heart, your mind, your soul Closes doors but opens small windows every now and then to replete once again to intricate everything once again.

I know what it actually feels, When your mind Doesn’t want you to be at that place anymore but your heart doesn’t allow you to get out of it, ignoring the fact life doesn’t revolve around a few people, few things, life has so much in it to explore, to get new things, to meet new people. Life’s purpose is to go on and on without wasting a single second on people and things you don’t deserve.

It’s very easy to be said than done, Saying someone move on is the easiest and toughest to actually get out of a bog, the Harder you try to get out more it pulls you further under but some day or other you’ll have to get out of things which weighs you down and harms you; mentally and emotionally. You’ve to drag yourself away for your betterment, your heart has been invincible throughout this journey and interspersed. Now, you’ll have to stay strong and make the best decisions for yourself to excel.

Get your lungs out of the cage that makes breathing heavy and restricted. Remember, you’re still surviving being caged but you are not born to be caged, you’re a free bird. Make your life meaningful and worthy to live.

Moving on, it doesn’t imply from a person, from a relationship and Feelings you have but also from situations other than these, Maybe the job you didn’t like, your career which you opted, place where you live and likewise.

With love,
Grow more, shine more!🌻

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