You might be aware of the term: multiple universes or Multiverse. Today, I wish to introduce you to the same term in a different perspective and with a different name:

Multiple worlds 

Few worlds are temporary while few are permanent.

Some lasts for a longer period of time, while some for a brief period of time.

You are lovingly invited into few of the worlds while you are unceremoniously removed from few.

You enjoy being in few worlds while you despise being in some. 

We yearn to enter into few of the worlds as often as we can, whereas from some of them, we can’t wait to leave  as quickly as we can.

You can enter into few worlds in a matter of seconds, while some may take years or even decades to enter into.

Few worlds leave us abruptly, while few enter suddenly, even before we realise that we are in it.

Few worlds are under our control, while few worlds control us.

Before you decide to stop reading this cryptic (actually meaningless would be correct word I guess 😂) post, I will tell you what is all this multiple world business about. 

Though I said I will dive into the topic at the beginning, I didn’t explain it clearly. But, yet you trusted me.

I respect your decision and to honour that. 

Ok. Ok. Ok. I won’t test your patience anymore.

The topic is all about multiple worlds. (Your mind voice: We already know that) 

My worlds are:

Present worlds: OS.ME, Black Lotus app, Sadhana app, family, few WhatsApp groups, College, friends, relatives etc.

Past worlds: school days, college days, graduation days, bunch of friends, relatives or family members that have passed away, tours, different places I visited etc.

PS: I hope if you read the post again, it might make more sense to you.

PPS: Please forgive me for making you read my post again.

Thanks for reading my post twice 😂😊❤️.

Keep smiling often 😊😊😊.