Today I wanna share a story which I saw in a cartoon movie of Lord Krishna on television which tells about the infinite galaxies and milky ways.


Here’s the story :




One day Lord Brahma thought to check if  he is Lord Vishnu or a normal child. So he thought let’s take a test of Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma took Krishna’s all friends to the Brahm lok. Now Lord Vishnu got to know about it and he took his friends back from the multiverse . Lord Brahma was shocked to see this. How it happened? It isn’t possible. Then he sent his servant to earth to saw that they are really on the earth or its just an illusion but he was amazed to know that Lord Vishnu really took his friends and are real. Then Lord Brahma was clear that he is not a normal child, he is Lord Vishnu only. Then he went to earth and felt sorry for being mistaken and committing wrong conduct. Lord Vishnu generously forgiven him and in return he showered Lord Brahma with vision of so many multiverse that exists and he also told him that there are numerous multiverse with Brahma’s who were with some 9 heads, some with 10, some with 5 and some with 4 and more too. He said that there are so many Brahma’s like you and told him that I take different avatars in each milky way and also gave some knowledge of the multiverse to Lord Brahma. 




            Jai  Sri Hari



Keep Smiling   😊