Life is too short, stop wasting it on useless things. We spend most of our time chasing pleasures, as if they will somehow make us whole again. But we end by running in circles, chasing a mirage. Always traveling but never reaching anywhere. Yet we do not learn from all our experiences.

All the running makes us old and tired, but we reach nowhere. One day soon when it will becomes difficult to get out of bed, you will realize that I don’t have the strength of a young man anymore and the face I see in mirror is all wrinkled.

 For time will not only eat away your physical strength but diminish your intellectual capacity also.

So stop watching other people’s status and posts on the social media. For all of it is a lie. Even your own holidays look better on the facebook post then they were in reality. All this make believe world is made to make you a commodity. For them you are no more than livestock, raised in captivity and kept busy in mundane activities only to be slaughtered in the end.

Rise my dear, before it becomes too late to understand the truth about life. Spend the time you have left in gaining the ultimate wisdom. There isn’t a second to waste as life is ticking away.  It is now or never.

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Jai Shri Hari.

Image: Pixabay