This is my first post on this platform (on any platform, for that matter). I was a bit hesitant, as I was not really confident about my writing. I had always wanted to contribute ever since Swamiji blessed us with this wonderful opportunity to express and inspire. It’s a humble attempt to express my views on life. Hope you all enjoy reading it. 

Life never stops to baffle

Full of niceties and scuffles.

Caught perpetually in the vagaries of living;

Bereft of qualms about life’s misgivings.

Quite often do I sit and ponder

How will it finally end? I wonder.

Ah! Wait! Why do I think of the end too soon?

When there’s still so much to attune.

Life never promised to ever be so gentle…

Laden with contingencies both natural and transcendental.

Seasons come and seasons go,

From the mysteries of life one learns to grow;

It’s all about the choices you make

And that’s obviously not a piece of cake.

If you find yourself in rigour

Overwhelmed with pain and fear,

Expect no miracles, expect no elves

Confront yourself before anyone else;

For you are the one who led you there

You will be the one to repair.

Accept, acquire, advance as never before

Or simply, turn your back and let it go;

Again, it’s about the choices you make

As they say, in the picture of life…

…there is no retake.