Sindoora Aruna Vigrahaam Trinayanaam Maanikya Moulisphuratha 

Tara Nayaka Shekaram Smitha Mukheem Aapeena Vakshoruham

Panibyam Alipoorna Ratna Chashakam Raktopalam Bhibratheem

Soumyam Ratna Gathastha Rakta Charanaam Dhyayet Paraam Ambikaam


Literal Meaning :

Devi’s body is of color vermillion and the rosy hue of dawn. She is three-eyed and wears a ruby studded crown topped by the crescent moon that shines as if it is the leader of the stars. She has a smiling face and her full breasts nourish the universe. She holds a jeweled cup brimming with honeyed mead in one hand, and in the other, she twirls a red lotus. An epitome of beauty, she rests her radiant red feet on a pot decorated with rubies. 

We meditate on this supreme form of the Goddess that is Paraa and Ambika.


My Musings on Dhyaanam:

I am neither qualified nor wise enough to describe the real meaning of these sacred verses. So, the below meaning is not to be considered as an interpretation of these dhyana shlokas in any way.  Having said that, as a child of Mother Divine, this is how I visualized the Mother Divine when I contemplated deeply on the verses. May Maa alone guides us all to reach her.


Sindoora Aruna Vigrahaam :

The word ‘Vighrahaam’ means form. The line speaks to me telling me the form of mother Divine is luminous. She is in the form of Light. 


 She sees from three eyes. What are her three eyes? 

The first eye of Mother Divine is Sun. At the Gross level, everything that we see during the day is visible only because of Sun’s light. At a subtler level, this represents the eye of knowledge. The second eye of Mother Divine is Moon. At the Gross level, everything that we see during the night is visible because of the moon’s light. At a subtler level, this represents the eye of imagination and creativity. The third eye of the Mother Divine is consciousness. This is the eye of awareness that makes it possible for us to perceive the light of the Sun as well as the Moon. At a subtler level, this represents the eye of intuition. 


Maanikya Moulisphuratha Tara Nayaka Shekaram:

The crown of the Mother Divine is this Sky which is studded with infinite stars and constellations that appear like shining gems on her crown with the moon that appear as their leader or ruler. Please note the word “appears as”. At a subtler level, Moon represents the Mind and the various constellations represent mental tendencies. Mind also appears to rule the mental tendencies. However, in reality, the mind survives on mental tendencies. Like constellations and stars have their own light, mental tendencies manifest due to their own gunas. However, the mind exists due to the manifestation of these tendencies. Much like, how in the external world Moon stays in one Nakshatra for a day and keeps revolving each day continuously in cycles. Mind on its own is without any light. Mind and thoughts are also empty and devoid of any essence in a similar way.


 Smitha Mukheem:

 The face of Mother Divine is smiling. This line expresses the true nature of the mind. Mind on its own is empty and thoughts are devoid of any essence. However, an empty mind is full of bliss. 

Aapeena Vakshoruham :

  Her full breasts nourish the universe. Think of a mother’s breasts that nourish every child when they are born. The child depends upon her milk which provides the child with all the nourishment that is required. Similarly, all the creatures are children of Mother Divine and she in the form of Mother Earth nourishes us all. This earth is representative of her breasts that is nourishing enough for her child. Mother earth does not waste anything and feds all her children. At a subtler level, the two breasts also represent the dual nature of existence where each matter has two aspects. The physical food when taken in adequate quantity is good but when taken in excess becomes bad. At a subtler level, each thought depending upon how it is being perceived can become good as well as bad. She sustains this entire universe from this dual existence that Vedanta also speaks of as Maya.

Panibyam Alipoorna Ratna Chashakam :

 Where are Mother’s Hands?

The Vital force of Solar and Lunar Energy are her two hands. The universe is the bowl she holds and we all are the Jewel. All the sentient and insentient beings are like jewels in the bowl of the universe that she holds in her hands. This includes all the planets, celestial bodies, animals, birds, Mountains, Rivers, and Human Beings. She works through each one of us to sustain this universe. The word “alipoorna” is also used that signifies the completeness of the bowl or universe. This word reminds me of the invocation chant of Isha Upanishad that declares that this universe is complete in itself and is self-sustaining.

Raktopalam Bhibratheem :

She holds a red twirling lotus in her second hand. Lotus here represents human beings that are the most unique Jewel in the hand of the Mother Divine. Why? It is because of the ability to be detached from the mud in which it grows. This special Lotus is full of life, desires, and ambitions, and is a product of Nature. Yet, they have the potential to realize their true nature and stand detached from the mud of desires and attachment. They can know their Atma Swaroop which is Pure Light of Awareness.


 Mother Divine is Saumyam. She is the beauty incomparable. Even Lord who is Self is attracted to her. Such is the Beauty of Mother Divine. How can we see her beauty in our daily lives? This word tells that there is an inherent beauty in everything and in everyone. 

Ratna Gathastha Rakta Charanaam :

 We discussed earlier that all the sentient and insentient beings are jewels in hands of Mother Divine. The literal meaning of ‘Ratna Ghathasta” is gem-studded Pot. This universal body is like a pot. Vedas called it HiranyaGarbha. Our individual body is also like a pot. In Rituals also, we keep a pot to signify our life. Here, the line says that she rests her radiant red feet on a pot decorated with rubies. What do feet signify? What do we do with our Feet? They help us in movement, and locomotion and support our entire body.  In a similar way, she is the cause of the movement of everything. She is the one who supports our existence within and without. 

Dhyayet Paraam Ambikaam :

 I meditate on the supreme form of Goddess. The supreme Form of the Goddess is Paraa and Ambika. What is her Paraa form?

Her Paraa form is described in the first line as ‘Sinduraaruna”, the form of light and awareness as Chitsvarupaa.

What is her Ambika form? Vedas says that everything that we see has originated from the primordial sound. Science also concurs that everything has come out of Big Bang.

Her Ambikaa form is Naada Svarupaa. This Naada creates, sustains, and transforms everything in the universe. 

I Meditate on the Supreme Form of Goddess that is Chit-Svaroopa and Naada-Svaroopa!!!

All Glories to Swamiji Alone!!