Let’s start by asking what is truth? I could write a whole lot about it. My life is so mysterious. I don’t even understand myself most of the time, so I keep searching and searching for my purpose, spirituality, and philosophy.

So then, after reading some articles about astrology, which is very interesting to me, my whole perspective in life changed. Now, I would like to know which astrology is more accurate — Western or Vedic? Everything is different in the two, except for my sun sign — the house placement is different, the rising sign is different and the moon sign is different.

In Vedic astrology, the Sun in Pisces with Sagittarius as rising, and the Moon in Libra. In Western astrology, the Sun in Pisces with Capricorn rising and Moon in Scorpio. Do you have any advice? It confuses me as I’ve got all the traits in both. It feels like I have two souls with one body. Hope you could give me some advice.