As I was going through my 11 year old daughter’s class work, I was in for a surprise!!!

She had written a piece of descriptive writing in her notebook. I was deeply touched when I read it…. I am sure she’s going to be mad at me if she found out that I have read it…and even more mad if she learns that I have posted it here…..So here goes…

The topic ” A person I admire most in life”

“A Mother is your first friend, your best friend and your forever friend” This quote is very beautiful and extremely accurate. Dare I say that she is much more to me than a friend. She is closer than my friends. She is more closer than a mere mother. If you ask me who my God is, she is the first person I think about. She is my world, the sky and the warm sunrays. Thats how much my mother means to me.

My mom has medium black and wavy hair. I love to fondle her hair and swishing it around. What can I say? Its just so soft. She has beautiful brown and tired eyes. And a smile worth a million dollars.

My Mom has a child-like nature but she never acts childish. She’s mature, kind, empathic and easy to approach. She’s the first one I go to, to show my new art works, grades or whatever new I get. She never fails to give me advice and feed back and never stops showing me that she’s proud of me. No matter how many mistakes I make or how grave the mistakes are, she just needs an hour or two, and she ready to put it behind us and turn the page. Whenever I feel like I’m lost or stuck somewhere, I know that I can count on my mother to help me out of the problem. She is a strong and independent woman. She can manage two very naughty and annoying children everyday and that too independently. She lost her elder sister not too long ago. It must pain her to see the relationship my sister and I share. And yet, she continues with her day, acting like nothings wrong. I’m sure I would have burst out in tears if i was in her shoes. Therefore, I can conclude that she’s amazingly strong. I must have been a saint in my past life to deserve a mother like her. And i sincerely hope i can live up to her example. 

PS : No, I am not “The Perfect Mom”. I haven’t done the best that I could have or should have done. I know that there is lots of room for improvement. And I can only be grateful to God for giving me such a lovely and sensitive daughter who has accepted me with my flaws so lovingly ☺️🙏🙏