As I have grown up in a Brahmin family, I came to know about the Divine word “Guru” at a very young age. I have seen my maternal grandmother worshipping her guru. She used to send something to her Guru’s ashram on the occasion of a Guru Purnima. I got the opportunity to meet her Guru two or three times but I never felt anything different for him. As I was a child, I used to follow her instructions about doing pranam and all. I sometimes used to think about how people could worship a human being. But I never paid much attention to that topic as I was busy in following the norms of society. Actually, this is what we all do.

As I have grown up watching Ramayana, Krishna, and Mahabharata on the television, I saw a common concept amongst them. That concept was the relationship of a Guru with the disciple. When Lord Rama went to his school (Gurukul) for getting an education from his teacher, with the passage of time, His teacher becomes His guru. The same goes for Lord Krishna, Pandavas and Kauravas. But in those times, education was different which included archery training, mantra recitation and initiation, meditation and so on. But when I see the real definition of guru and disciple of today’s times, the concept is different. The saints are only known as Gurus. I never understand this.

Guru is a person who teaches us, guides us and shows us the right path. This is my definition of a Guru. So, according to this definition whoever is teaching us something, is a Guru. So then there comes a spiritual Guru who helps us to grow spiritually. Guru is a wider term even beyond our imagination.

For example, Om Swami Ji is my spiritual Guru who is helping me in growing spiritually. This, in turn, will help me become a better person. My teachers are my Gurus who guide me in my education and are helping me to become an independent person. There are many people whom I can call my Gurus actually such as Sushree Nishtha Ji who is my life guide and Sadhvi Vrinda Ji who always guides me to do better in life.

So, Guru Purnima should be more of a gratitude day. We can thank every person who teaches us something and who has made a difference in our lives.

So, according to me, this bond is beyond any name. I received my answer as to why people worship a human being after meeting Om Swami Ji. We do not worship a person; we worship a divine energy or divine form. For me, my Swami Ji is the Divine form who came into my life.

I would like to share a beautiful instance here which gave me a new perspective. A very loving woman said a beautiful line, “Why to celebrate Guru Purnima only for a one day? That devotion, intensity should be in our hearts every day.” These lines forced me to think. I will be more blessed if I will be able to feel the same way one day.

So, these are my thoughts on Guru. You may have different thoughts also.

So in the end, I would like to say, “Happy Guru Purnima, my dear Swami Ji and thank You for each and everything”.

Happy Guru Purnima to my life guide Sushree Nishtha Ji and Sadhvi Vrinda Ji.

Happy Guru Purnima to all my teachers and to those people who always guide me.

Thank You,

Keep Smiling,

Riya Om


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