‘Massive fire breaks out in ‘X’ factory’.

While flipping the pages of the local newspaper I was shocked to see this news. Last night a fire broke out in the boiler section after a powerful explosion and about 75% of the factory was burnt to ashes. A couple of months back, I visited that factory for Vastushastra Consultancy. I studied everything minutely and told the owner that the plot in the South- West direction of his factory was down by 6 feet which was resulting in his severe financial losses. He asked me for a remedy. I suggested that he could plant trees and creepers and could place some heavy items like stone or metal in that direction. I clearly told him that these remedies would only be effective to some extent as this defect could not be cured till the adjacent plot owner filled his plot with sand which was not possible according to him.

Whether I visited that factory once or twice I could not recall now as it happened near about one and a half decade ago. Due to security reasons, a known needy person accompanied me whenever I visited sites for Vastushastra Consultancy. As this place was far off, I went by car.

The owner was not satisfied with my truthful answers, hence slashed my payment to a considerable amount. I requested him to make my full payment as I had to pay to other persons also. But he was adamant. On that day, just for a few bucks, my mood was spoiled. I told him everything correctly to the best of my knowledge even then he did not pay me the pre decided amount. With a heavy heart I returned home.

Whenever I found myself emotionally disturbed in any deal, soon after that I came to know that the concerned person was trapped in a financial crunch. Whether it is my emotions that cause disturbance in other’ lives or it is nature’s way to tell me the unfortunate future of other’s. I try hard to control such emotions, but I do not know how to put a check on them. Now, as a saint, I made several attempts to sort out the things, but I find that the situation worsens.

While doing Avagunthan mudra, I always pray to the lineage in my heart to help me to overcome my negative emotions so that I may not harm anybody. But it is easier to say than to do. Emotions are like ocean waves, they hit, splurge and drench me anytime anywhere. Is it true for one and all? I wonder sometimes.

Pic : Pixabay