First, I pay my obeisance to Shri Om Swamiji, without his benediction I would be like any creature on this planet.

This morning, the 5th September 2020, I was taking morning walk in garden and I saw that on many spots of the walkway earthworms were crawling, some were dead, crushed under the feet of morning walkers.  I was disturbed and was cautiously walking along the pathway careful not kill any under my feet.  I was thinking and observing the play of  mother nature as was unfolding before me.

A thought came and I started analyzing it – though I can make my best efforts to not kill any earthworms who are visible but what about many tiny creatures crawling or flying all around, even virus or bacteria, our food too have some kind of bacteria, our body is full of bacteria.  The bacteria in our body might be getting killed so that we can live and enjoy the life.

I realised that in the play of nature everything is interwoven, interdependent and the life is cause and effect of all this play.  BUT this was just a thought and its analysis, I was just mesmerised by the mother nature’s play … I came back home and opened my mobile and there it was … the answer to all my thought … the Swamiji’s blog “Revenge”( the last sentence in opening para “Our eyes are the gateway to our souls”

I always get my answers in many ways, through Swamiji’s videos, books and blogs.  You too can have  your answers just pay attention to each sentence, every word.

Let me explain  –

The blog is about the feeling of “Revenge” BUT there is much more to learn from it , it all depends how you are reading it, are you reading it solely with reference to Revenge, if yes than you are doing so with narrow view and will understand accordingly.  Open up your mind, wider and wider and you will have different perspectives.

I take you back to the first para of the blog – “The truth is that man gets filled with what he sees. The person who sees the small is filled with the small; the one who sees the great is filled with that greatness.”

Review the blog with wider perspective – correct your path if needed.

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