Now back to our Swamiji. I always hated reading books from the genre of “biographies”. After reading the biographies of “Akbar” and “Babar” in our history books, one would find reading biographies of no use. Later I do read the biography of Steve Jobs but after reading it I thought why the hell is I even reading this person, who betrayed his first wife and daughter, always shouts out at his staffs and fires them for apparently no reason, does a lot of cheating for getting ahead of others, getting arrested for speed driving and all that other dramas of his life.

Om swami

After Steve’s biography, the only other biography that I motivated to read was “An Autobiography of a Yogi”, which again disappointed me. From the former of Steve’s being too humanly and its affairs to Paramahansa Yogananda being too Godly, now here I don’t want to hurt anyone sentiments regarding this, but in every chapter, someone was flying, someone was being 2 places at the same time, rings appearing and disappearing, and all other magical fantasies happening in it. The latter book was good for a read but not for one’s being inspired from it else one would start hankering for flying in the air!

So the right book that came in handy for me was Om Swamiji’s biography. This book was neither too human nor too godly, just sitting at the right place. An amazing, inspiring, motivating read of Swamiji’s journey throughout the book.

Now, I don’t have any words to make a review out of this book, for what place it was worth in my life, I have told. The right inspiration and motivation for the spiritual path and learning from someone who has already walked the path. If you follow Swamiji and haven’t read it yet, then reading it should be one of your priorities.

P.S: Have you watched Swamiji’s trailer video of If Truth Be Told? If not here it is :




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