Ahha! now in my favorite topic “Education”! When it comes to swearing the education system, do call me there, for that topic I am number one! I can write 100’s of articles and even publish an encyclopedia for how our education system is literally fucked up. When it comes to education, who do you think would have a better vision for it except nonother than an enlightened being and upon that when you are called “OSHO”! This man really destroyed the whole concept of what is called education in this book. After reading this book, one would feel like running away from the whole drama of the education system.

Education exposed

The first thing related to education to be understood is what are its problems? I used to earlier think before reading this book was that the major problem is the content of the subjects that are taught to us has no value and use in our lives. But after reading this book, I realized that this problem is not even a concern in comparison to what fundamental problems Osho points out.

What I observed among people was they’re saying that the best way to fix education is to remove the current ways of teaching and include the earlier ways of teaching in which our mythologies and our epics talk about. And Osho points out that to be another dumb way of teaching.

Apart from addressing the problems of education, which one finds everyone to be doing, talking about the problems and complaints, and no solution. Here in this book Osho not just points out the problems but also provides the potential solution to them.

Every parent who is concerned regarding the education of their children, should give this book a read and also all those who hope for a change.



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