Ah! Now the topic of darkness! Do you feel the fear of the darkness within?

In this society of ours, everyone is busy running away from their darkness within. The darkness of passions, the darkness of the void, the darkness of lust, the darkness of anger, frustration, jealousy, meaninglessness, etc. And in this book, Osho points out that running from them is the problem.

यैरेव पतनं द्रव्यैः सिद्धिस्तैरव चोदिता । श्रीकौलदर्शने चैव भैरवेण महात्मना ।।

The Great Bhairava (Siva) of the Kaula tradition has instructed that spiritual advancement can only be attained by utilizing the very things that cause a man’s downfall.

Yairēva patanaṁ dravyaiḥ sid’dhistairava cōditā, Śrīkauladarśanē caiva bhairavēṇa mahātmanā.

~Kularnava Tantra

Have you read these lines which I shared earlier shared by Swamiji on Tumblr. Now, this is the book of “how”. You read that not running away from the darkness within but through the utilization of them is where man’s spiritual progress lies. And this book is exactly that. Osho teaches to value the darkness within as in understanding them lies one’s evolution.

Quoting the first 3 paragraphs of the book :

Darkness has its own bliss, so why do we desire light? Why do we hanker so much for light? We never think that the desire for light is a symbol of the fear rooted within us; it is a symbol of fear. We want light so that we can become free of that fear. The mind is scared in the dark. The longing for light is not a great quality; it is just evidence of the fear lingering in the consciousness: the frightened man wants light. And a man who is fearless no longer thinks of even darkness as darkness. The anxiety around darkness and the struggle with it are because of fear. Once man is without fear, the desire for light will also disappear.


​There have been very few people on the earth who have dared to say that God is darkness. Most people have considered God to be light. “God is light” – most people have said that God is light. But these may be the same people who believe in God out of fear. Those who have interpreted God as light must be frightened people. They can accept God only as light. A man of fear cannot accept darkness.


​But there have been a few people who have said that God is the ultimate darkness. My own understanding is that God is the ultimate darkness. Why? Light has an end; darkness is endless. No matter how far you stretch your imagination about light, you will find a limit. No matter how many different ways you think about it, or how far you extend your thinking, you will come across the borders of light.

P.S.: All books by Osho that I have mentioned can be accessed freely in e-book format from osho.com for signing up for a free account. If you will go to amazon for purchasing this book it will cost a heavy amount of Rs 9000.



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