As India won the world cup in 1983 ,Maggi instant noodle the yellow gold of hunger too won hearts of all Indian urban kids! With extensive marketing, availability, attractive water proof yellow packing with tempting noofles on it and square shaped danglers hanging in shops made Maggie a house hold essential. Since people were getting health conscious moving from deep fried snack as Samosa ,tikki and pakoras aswelll as Asian games approaching and women taking more and more role as working professional Maggie was a great choice ! I was 7 when Maggi started visiting our tummy each evening ,the slurpy ,soupy ,spicy and neembu waali maggie was our favourite snack for in-between hunger of 6.30 pm which was too late for lunch and too early for dinner ! But Maggie also was a major cause of fight between me and my Mumma from when i was 7 till when i was 14! Each time my mom started cooking it i used to count till 120 in my dining room and then reach kitchen caressing my gol stomach to slip into sipping Maggie! But till that time only water in pan used to start boiling and every time i tested and condemned her cooking and instructions reading skills till at 14 when i myself could never cook it with in 10 minuted! People eat maggie bhel,maggizza pizza ,maagi samosa ,maggi senvaiya ,cheese maggie ,maggie parantha and maggie pulaao too ! Which one is your favourite Maggi?