Once upon a time long long ago there lived two guys whose friendship is glorified, penned, and worshipped for centuries. There was a tradition of narrating the anecdotes of their lives in the form of folklore stories to the younger generations.

Heart: Slow down, slow down. I understand that it’s your first blog post and I also know that you want it to be as grand as possible, but reconsider the beginning of the story based on its size, depth, and weight.
Mind:  Bro, all the three words you mentioned above seems to be synonyms to me.
Heart: Some words look similar, sometimes they even seem to be synonymous but the wise can differentiate them properly.
Mind: Bro, you seem to be a wise one to me and why don’t you give me a better introduction to this beautiful tale.
Heart: Ok, I will try but, feel free to modify it but not alter it.
Mind: Bro, again the synonymous words.
Heart: Leave it, I can’t explain it to you.
Mind: I know that no one can change me and I am not good at anything. People will laugh at my blog post.
Heart: You are like a switch. One moment you speak like an epitome of passion and the next moment you are turning into a pessimist personified. Believe me, people will smile instead of laugh at your blog post.
Mind: Both are the same (dejectedly).
Heart: No, there is a distinction between the two.
Mind: Ok Ok, I got it, they smile when it is humorous and laugh at it when it is comical. See, I got into your zone by using synonyms. Never mind, in that case, I will write a blog post no matter whether it takes weeks or months. I will share with others only if it reaches the point of perfection.
Heart: That is fantastic, I am happy for you. Having said that, mark my word, this is a dangerous loop because you are not fixing a deadline. In the absence of a deadline, instead of chiselling your post, you will lazy around physically and mentally. So, having a deadline is practical and it makes you more focussed.
Mind: Ok, then for a week, I will put every pour of my blood and sweat into the post to impress the readers at each and every sentence of my post.
Heart: I will go with Prabhu deva’s dialogue from the movie ABCD: “To impress others, animals also dance”, but “We must dance to express”. In a similar line, you must write to express but not impress.
Mind: Got it, bro.


I thank Medha Sri ji for encouraging me to write a blog post. I am grateful to Dr Jagan Mohan Rao (PhD completed, not MBBS) and Anu aunty ji for being catalysts to write my first blog post.


P.S: Are you wondering about the tale of two friends with which this post has begun. It’s for another time or maybe not ( Because even I don’t know much about them 😀😀😀).

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