My first Satsang 

Aaj pehli baar aisa hua 17-18 saalon mein 

My first ever satsang 2I attended my first live Satsang yesterday🥺🥰❤️😍🌺. Previously I watched two on The experience of watching Swami Ji live is absolument hors pair.  All the questions I had, were answered.

The story of Demeter and the hero, Demophoön comes to my mind. Demophoön was born human, so he had all the flaws we inherit, diseases, limited strength and the plague of old age. So Demeter disguised as a nurse to make Demophoön immortal by feeding him ambrosia or her milk as other stories go. How does one go to make this possible, transforming human flesh into Godly essence? The solution was simple: cook the guy on fire!

My first ever satsang 3Like this story, I am heavily flawed. The tons of garbage that has gone in my mind slowly seeps out from my mouth and certainly disaster strikes! Om Swami Ji just like Demeter has started the cleansing process and as He said in the Satsang, giving the smallest grain was transformed into gold, here I am offering my heart and mind to You, please make them pure again by burning my ego into the sacred fire. 

The Akhand Jyot also comes to my mind. At my place on Deepawali, we light one lamp with so many prayers, positivity, and a heart filled with devotion for Lakshmi-Narayan to visit our abode. From the flame of that single lamp, we light all the remaining lamps. Swami Ji is the Akhand Jyot from which the tiny me wants to hover close and from a single flicker of the powerful flame light my own life. 

As long as motivation and gratitude alight my heart, I shall hope for initiation

My Swami Ji 💝


Image credits: Pixabay

∞Hari Om∞