In today’s time everyone wants to work but no one wants to struggle. I was in B.Com. 2nd year when I decided about working in the real corporate world. Due to circumstances, I had to change my city and due to that, I got the opportunity to work.  The Head of the department of my new college helped me in getting a job. One afternoon, he asked me to visit a local firm handling emigration  for an interview. As this was a new city I had no idea how to find a new location in a limited time. So the HOD  asked one of his students to drop me for interview.

On reaching the office, I submitted my resume at the reception and then  I waited for almost an hour. I was hungry at that moment because I had skipped lunch. Finally, after an hour they asked me to give the interview. I went to the room where 3 or 4 people were present but the interviewer was only one. He asked me how I came to know about their company and what did I know?  In my resume,  i had mentioned about my computer  and  Photoshop course which I had done  after my 12th standard.  Then, he asked me to wait at the  reception. I remember vividly I waited almost till evening and then they directly asked me to go to the designing department and asked me to design a bag or something. There I met my future boss. The funniest thing was I did not know he was the boss. I did not expect that kind of interview or environment. He shouted at me on my very first day and used very harsh words and I don’t have any idea from where I got the patience to tolerate him. As I needed to visit my college, as well, so I asked them for a part-time job. Finally, they asked me to join them and start attending  the office. I was happy and at the top of the world when I came to know about my salary. This was my first salary after all. So, I joined there and started going daily. Actually,  they were not using Photoshop but Vista Print which I learnt and started  making awesome things.  Then after two days, I received a call from the assistant  to my Boss that he did not like my work and I was asked to quit. I was angry and hurt at that moment. In those two days, I learnt a lot. Actually they did not fire me but they just changed my department.  I was not happy with that job so I asked them to hire me as an assistant accountant. Now I was again under the same person. But I quit after eight months because I was not ready for him and his company or you can say something better was waiting for me. He is an awesome person and  we still talk to each other sometimes, but I think he had that much role to play in my life. They asked me to come back but I got a better job as a Senior accountant after few days. Sometimes I think I got a better job  only because of him.

Life sends tough people into our lives to make us better human beings. Keep going. Move to greener pastures, whenever you wish.

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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