Jai Shri Hari, Jay Swamiji. I am venturing into the poem domain for the first time. Please grace me.

Statutory Warning:

I am very poor at writing poems. So please bear with me 😉  

The times are testing

Trying, tiring and tribulating;

Mankind is in crisis

Entire loop is in hysteresis.

Every breathe counts,

You don’t know when it stops

Death is all around,

Life has gone underground.

What a tragedy we are seeing,

Everyone is in the fear of loosing;

Let’s stop and ponder

If we die tomorrow,

What have we done for others?

Can you answer yourself honestly,

That you have spent you time justly?

So, get up and help others

Treating all brothers and sisters.

Hey Swamiji, the graceful,

Please keep us in your refuse

Let’s create hope amidst frustration

With strong devotion and dedication.

Let’s fight it out till the end

Without keeping any untied loose end

Yes, we can win the war,

Let our resilience declare.

We are down but not out,

We will win this bout

We will be triumphant,

Again, things will be vibrant.

We will not give up

Rising from the dust is the hope…

Thank you one and all. my prayer to god for the wellbeing of all….