When I see Tao Te Ching’s translations

Beautifully depicted in words and art

I think of you, and how you would enjoy reading it

Appreciate the beauty and arrangements of words

I try to own it, so I can gift it to you

Fully knowing that you keep nothing..

There are so many conversations

I have with you in my head

My little joys, sorrows and insights

As if you are my imaginary childhood friend

Or an angel, who I cannot yet see, but only feel

And most of the days that is enough…

Sometimes, I find you

Walking with me, besides or ahead

Often, I feel your hand on my head

Your gentle eyes full of care

Your head slightly bent, listening attentively to my woes

Your compassionate gaze healing my sores

And all seems well in this world…

And then I walk few steps away from you, distracted, lost

And through my tears, I see you waiting for me 

Just up ahead, patiently, smiling

Reaching out your hand

My so many shortcomings

Your endless benovalnace

And that is enough for me to cross the chasm of my own doing.