Intiution is the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning. I believe everybody experiences their intuitive mind in varying degree during different phases of their lives.  I also have a lot of instances concerning my Intuitive Mind since my childhood. I remember predicting about a particular teacher not coming to school; a classmate who has not done his homework and which questions would be asked in the class tests.

          I also recollect instances of my adolescence when I used to foretell the exact time when power will come back after the power cut ; the next song in the chitrahar; the movie which would relay on next thursday on the Doorodshan; and the fours, sixes and the fall of wickets in the ongoing cricket match just before the ball is bowled.

          I also recall foreseeing the earthquake once when I was young. It was the ordinary wintery morning but I felt a kind of heat and stillness in the astrosphere and sensed an impending natural calamity. Within few minutes, there was a devastating earthquake. It was really very scary though.

         Lately, I also have the experiences of predicting the actions, recations and behaviour of people many a times and the things they hold inside which they don’t speak out. I see myself confronting people with their truth many a times, which sometimes has also cost me the relationship I shared with them.

          There are other instances also in my life about the person specific prognoses which ultimately turned out to be true, irrespective of whether they knew about those precognitions about them or not.

          I have no idea how I see or perceive these things. They just come like a flash. Is it just natural or is it because I am always curious about the things happening around? Sometimes it gets very interesting and fascinating and sometimes it gets very scary.  Is it what we call “Sixth Sense”? 

I request all the reader to share if they also have any such experience!!!!

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