The last touch of her lips on my left cheek;the last time she called me out loud;the last time she had looked at me;the last time she had eaten prasaad from my hand;the last time she scolded me for being reckless;the last time I ever saw her-it is all imprinted in my mind as fresh as a beautiful flower which had been in my life till the second week of November,2020. 

My grandmother,an epitome of religiousness to the extent of a fanatic,a disciplinarian who’s life was based on the principles of being truthful and honest-call a spade a spade-the lady whose only aim in life was to see her family grow prosperous and discplined in life so that we could survive through the worst of times and enjoy through the best of times like a stoic.

She had always been my guardian angel,who embedded every quality in me that she could find. Everything which she admired in others,she wanted me to learn and make it a part of my personality. I might had infuriated her more than a thousand times but her resilience in making me a woman of substance never left her. Even after her death,she had been my guardian angel by meeting me in my dreams,by making me do things she always wanted me to do. 

Not a single day passes,when i try not to shed a tear in her memory. Every moment of happiness and despair makes me miss her the most. Today she came in my dream,talked to me,brushed away my fears,hugged me,consoled me,made me happy. I wish i could bring her out of dream to my house,sit with her,eat with her,talk with her as much as i wanted.

Late Smt. Phool Kanta Chopra,a lady of immense respect and character,i wish i could bring you back to life. I wish i could ask God to add a decade or two to your life so that i could learn many more things from you. I wish you could read this. 

But i know you must be sitting right beside me,caressing my hair and crying just like i am. I miss you daadi mumma. I miss you so much.