Hello beautiful people’s 

Hope you doing great😊

So today i thought

“Is life so serious and we are taking it too lightly or Is life so easy and we are taking it so seriously.”

What is life? 

How to live a life perfectly? 

What is the right way of living a life? 

Is there even a right way? I don’t know

I think too much. Do you people think about these stuff too? Or you guys are sorted in life. 

Iam probably thinking too much I think I should just go with the flow. 

People always talk about ‘peace’. I don’t know what ‘peace’ is but we all want it. So many people wants it but so little actually gets it. 

How would it feel to be at peace?

Are we free and unbothered about life chaos? 

At peace Are we so relexed and free in our mind too? I don’t know 

And then comes the “life chaos”

I mean there is always life chaos. And I also know I can’t ignore them. 

Whenever I try to ignore it, deep down I know iam just piling it up and I have to deal with them later or sooner. 

I don’t know what is the right way of dealing with them but staying strong, positive attitude, truthfulness and clear mind will help, I guess. I don’t know.  All I know is, you can’t ignore it. 

I think these life chaos makes us human at the end of the day. 

I think too much. Iam just 21 year old girl exploring life  searching for answers. I don’t know so many things. And I probably shouldn’t worry about these stuffs but here iam thinking all these questions

I have so much in my mind but I don’t think I could put them into words. Not a good writer but iam trying my best and i guess effort matters😊

So that’s all from my side will catch you guys later 

Bye bye 

(PS: thankyou so much for your valuable comments. I feel so blessed right now. I so needed them. Thankyou so much for appreciating, advising and guiding me. 

You people are ANGELS😇

And I can’t see your comments but my friend ‘Riya’ keeps me updated about comments. 

Once again thankyou and keep supporting(if iam little worth it😅)) 




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