Rowing my little boat, with the help of Graceful winds I reached my next Peace Island : Mindfulness.

I, with my little bag of knowledge, have already developed an idea about Mindfulness. I was practising to be mindful in my day-to-day works. I thought I am mindful in many occasions.  But that was nothing compared to what I found now. My blabbering mind always took control over my mindfulness without my knowledge. Very recently I was hugely inspired by this post: A Scorpion On My Shoulder  by Diya Ji 🙏. Then I was thinking a lot about being Mindful.

Then today, I was listening to one of my favourite songs by Rabindranath Tagore.
(please forgive me for a bengali song on this platform, I am adding english translation and also keeping the original bengali version because I could not find a translation on google or do it myself to create the exact same feeling. The english version is very close though for you to feel the essence.)

I listened to this song many times before, I almost remember the complete lyrics and I match lips. But I never really realized the meaning of it until today. 

After listening to two lines my mind wandered off. I was still listening moving my head to the bits, but I was not listening at the same time! My mind was running behind something useless. Because I was aware of being mindful today, I caught my mind red handed! 

So now I decided to listen to every word and every note and every bit of background music.

I was doing some household chores while listening to it. I restarted the song and started to focus on the song. Again to my wonder, in front of my eyes, my mind wandered like anything and I missed few words. Again I restarted the song from beginning with patience. I did it 4 times!! I then sat on a chair, took a few deep breathe, closed my eyes, back straight, head straight and listened very carefully to each and every bit of it.

And I Did it finally. I think I understood today what is called mindfulness (or maybe until another experience washes it off).

Another amazing thing happened: I rediscovered the song in a whole new way. For the first time I’ve realized the very divine meaning of the song I missed all along for I don’t know how many years, though I knew the lyrics. I was sitting still for another few minutes to digest what just happened. Maybe it doesn’t sound like exciting to you, but I could feel a beautiful stillness in my mind when the song was finished, it was like a different world I can’t explain in words.

I couldn’t resist myself to listen to it again and I did it once more! I was feeling ecstatic like a kid getting his favorite birthday gift.

Then I couldn’t resist myself to share this with you all.

Here is the song:

Original Bengali version:
(Anybody who listens to Rabindra Sangeet must be knowing this song already – it may be a refresher for you. It’s me with mind-fool-ness took so long to feel the meaning of it!)

মেঘ বলেছে ‘যাব যাব’, রাত বলেছে ‘যাই’,
সাগর বলে ‘কূল মিলেছে– আমি তো আর নাই’ ॥
দুঃখ বলে ‘রইনু চুপে তাঁহার পায়ের চিহ্নরূপে’,
আমি বলে ‘মিলাই আমি আর কিছু না চাই’ ॥
ভুবন বলে ‘তোমার তরে আছে বরণমালা’,
গগন বলে ‘তোমার তরে লক্ষ প্রদীপ জ্বালা’।
প্রেম বলে যে ‘যুগে যুগে তোমার লাগি আছি জেগে’,
মরণ বলে ‘আমি তোমার জীবনতরী বাই’ ॥

English Translation:

The cloud says, “I am to go now”; Night says, “Goodbye”
The sea says, “I have met the shore, myself I am no more”.
Sorrow says, “I remain calm and silent in the form of His divine footprints”.
I say, “The ‘I’ desolves and have no more desire”.
The world says, “For you, there are welcome garlands”.
The sky says, “For you, a million lamps have been kindled”.
Love says, “For you, I have been waiting awake for ages”.
Death says, “I am rowing your boat of life”.

I just Lllloved it!! In further narration: I loved specially the last 5 lines where it says that My Ego (“I”) dissolves and I have no more desire. Then I realize that the world says that it has welcome garlands for me, the sky says it has kindled a million lamps for me, Love says that it is waiting awake for me for ages and death says it is rowing my boat of life. The boat is going Home …

Here is a beautiful version I found in case you are interested to listen (even if you don’t understand the language, the melody is beautiful to me):
Youtube Link


🙏  Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on My Mindful Madness

🙏  It’s all your boundless love and support that I feel comfortable to put my heart out on this osme platform. 

🙏  May God Bless You 🙏 Please stay safe and happy 🙏. And please don’t forget to be Mindful. 🙂

🙏🙏  Jai Sri Krishna 🙏🙏

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