Today is a special day, MOTHERS DAY. So I choose to write again about my MAA. Dear Mom,  abundant gratitude for the untold and unfelt sacrifices to nurture your four daughters and all the family members. I’m sorry that many times I might have hurt your feelings and always failed to express how dear are you to me.


My mother was planning to visit Panchkula in the last week of April. The purpose of her visit was to see my Mausa JI  who was recovering after the bypass surgery. She also wanted to meet everyone( me, my younger sister and her many nephews) living in Tricity. I was insisting that she should not come by bus and delay her trip for a few days. So that she can comfortably come in the car with my sister or another cousin. Actually, she is 75  years old, a little obese and has major back and knee problems. She refused all alternative arrangements for her safe journey. She said,” everyone has one’s schedule, I don’t want  to disturb anyone and I’m fit enough to come by bus.” I further convinced her that Mausa Ji is ok and there is no need to visit him. But I could not persuade her. And here comes the big old lady with a big heart after changing two buses and one autorickshaw. I took leave for a few days so that I can accompany her wherever she wants to go. We celebrated my niece b’day together and visited my cousins’ families with her. Everyone greeted her and she was lovingly respected by all. We were happy and excited as all were meeting after such a long time due to covid. She spent three days with us and went back. On her back- trip she stayed in Rajpura to meet all my paternal cousin’s families ( My late paternal aunt’s sons). And there also she was welcomed with warmth. She naturally spreads her motherly AURA everywhere.


My first post was also dedicated to my mother, an ordinary woman with extraordinary ways.

Really, She is living life to king-size in spite of all the challenges and hindrances.  On her recent trip, we all had very fond and loving memories of the time spent together. My old Masi and Mausa Ji were super happy to meet her.  I learned so much from her loving gestures…..

1.       Try to meet your extended family members physically. It is also an act of kindness.

2.       Your kind gestures cannot be limited by money, resources, age and fitness. You should have the big treasure of your heart.

3.       Connecting with people broadens your outlook. Love flows, negativity is eroded and really it is an Antidote to depression.

4.       Don’t expect and judge in relationships.

5.       Take the initiative in meeting and caring for people around you. Pehle Aap, Pehle Aap Mein Gari Na Nikal Jae.

6.      Good relationships are long term investments of love.

So what are you waiting for? Go and meet people. With MAA GRACE I was able to join my Mother on this love and laughter trip. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL OF YOU.

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