Mom… Your Youtube short clip with this thumb line  (पचपन का तन बचपन का मन…. )has received 3.1k views…… Wow…. Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. ” my daughter laughed like anything to see my  comedy clip, which was nothing but a simple extempore, useless timepass. Only the headline was a bit catchy.

Yes,….wow!….. Not the number of views, but….

the laughter in my drawing rroom.

Its is a Divine gift sent by Almighty. I had never expected such a lovely after-effect of my posting that senseless clip of 30 seconds on my Youtube channel (Anu at 55+)

Basically I started using YouTube as my memory box when I accidentally found that anybody can post  videos there.

 I use a very basic android phone which doesn’t have large memory. My daughter then gave me this idea of using YouTube as a permanent memory card. Even when our phone is lost or stolen or snatched, the memories would remain intact.

During Covid era, to keep myself busy I used to experiment with my phone, its camera, its many other features. O yes! that reminds me that I have already visited many many far flung areas. I have visited them all🤗🤗🤗 Be it jhumri talliya in India or hono lulu in USA😄😄, be it Greenland or Iceland, Nigerian villages or South America’s interior places. THANKS TO GOOGLE EARTH 🥰.

Its amazing to see my permanent memory box attracting few random views as well. I have posted my raw, small small videos captured by my simple phone. They are purely a timepass for someone as old class as me, having nothing substantial to say and show and share. But, If a catchy thumb line has attracted so many views, then I do see some potential in myself. 🤓🙆💁‍♀️. No? If I put in some serious efforts then I may create some worth while content as well .🕵‍♀️🕵‍♀️👼🤳😝. So I downloaded the free app for editing  – Kinemaster. Nowadays am enjoying my 55+ phase just like kids.

Do I continue with my efforts????

What do you all suggest? Do share in comment box🤗

Have a wonderful day friends💞💞💞💞



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