Place of No Return 


There are some experiences which you quite unexpectedly step into, by Divine Providence, and can never ever until your last breath be away from them.


Nearly twenty years ago, I walked into a temple in the heart of my city, and stood before an idol of the Divine Mother and since then, my heart has always been there.


I have shifted houses within the city, moved from my city to many other cities, have added ties in this journey of life, have graduated from a girl, to a woman to a wife and a mother, yet I am still at Her doorstep, in awe and drenched in tears for being in Her Presence.


The impact That idol has had on my heart is beyond words and beyond anything I have ever experienced.


Each day as and when I could find time, I would run to Her doorstep and narrate to Her my journey before we had met. I would sit in Her Presence with all my fears and all my baggage and pour out to Her as tears. I would not ask anything for I could not ask for anything. Awareness about Her Presence which was gifted to me so unexpectedly, was everything that I could ever ask in this life or another.


Time flew by but for my heart, time has always been still, at that one meeting and with That idol.


If moving away from Her after the regular Darshan hurt, to shift to another city was heart breaking. 


Yet accepting everything as Her will, carrying Her with me I have moved on.


Her temple is my Place of No Return and She is my Experience of No Return. 


From the Mother seated on a Golden Throne with the most benevolent smile, She turned into Love seated in my heart for the Divine. In That Blissful Form and as the Formless Bliss, She rules my being and this awareness is my existence.


May each one of us find that one Place or Person of No Return, so that nothing temporary can touch our core.


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