Last week, I had the good fortune to have the three-minutes meeting with my Gurudev, my beloved Swamiji! It was an amazing experience! He was looking like a bright and pure Sun! I was instantly filled with love and emotions the moment I had His darshan!

This time, I carried two books for Swamiji at the request of a Yoga teacher and disciple of Srila Prabhupada, who serves at a newly established Hare Krishna Mandir located nearby to the place where I stay. I sometimes go to the temple, as I enjoy its serene environment and the prasadam served there! I made acquaintance with this disciple whom I address as Prabhu-ji. It turned out that he also got graduation from the same institute as I was and he also went to the ISKON discourses held at IIT Delhi twenty years back. He has now become a full time Sannyasi at the Hare Krishna temple, after resigning from his job as a DRDO scientist. Naturally, we bonded together. But I am always devoted to my Swamiji. It’s impossible for me to accept anyone as my Guru, and even to think! I love Srila Prabhupada because Swamiji appreciates him. Prabhu-ji requested me to take part in the activities of the temple. I go there sometimes but I always try to see Sri Hari in the idols of the temple. When they shout with devotion, ‘Srila Prabhupad ki Jai!’, I shout ‘Swamiji ki Jai ho!’ in my mind! 
One day, I told Prabhu-ji that I have my Guru and His name is Sri Om Swamiji Maharaj. He was delighted to know this! He told me that he has gone through some of Swamij’s YouTube videos and heard about Him. I informed him that soon I am going to meet my Gurudev in December. He then requested me to meet him before I go to Sri Badrika Ashram. He told me that he wants to give Swamiji something which only a person of Swamiji’s stature could appreciate. I had no idea what it was. Moreover, I forgot to tell Prabhu-ji that Swamiji never accepts any gifts.

Anyway, when I met him the day before my journey to the Ashram, Prabhu-ji handed over two books as a gift to Swamiji. I promised him to do the needful!

Now when I reached the Ashram, I was in huge dilemma! I know I just have three minutes, and I have some important questions to ask. Moreover, I know each moment is precious for Swamiji. I thought I will simply handover these books to Swamiji’s PA Swami Vedananda ji! In fact, I even asked Mittal ji and Mohit Om ji and someone else what to do! Finally, I asked Swami Vedananda ji what to do. He asked me to carry the books with me and ask Swamiji Himself!

At the end of my meeting with Swamiji, I very hesitantly told Him about the books. I instantly felt terrible for troubling Him by taking too much time. I told Him that I would hand over these books to Swami Vedananda ji who was sitting outside the meeting room. I came out of the room overwhelmed with Swamiji’s intense presence as well as a bit of guilt in my mind for troubling Him!

As I came out of the meeting room, Swamiji called Swami Vedananda ji inside. When he came out, Swami Vedananda ji told me that Swamiji has asked me to select any two books, as per my choice, from the Ashram book store. I silently obeyed the instruction! I selected Swamiji’s memoir and ‘Om Swami: As We Know Him’!

After two days, I reached my place in the night. And the first thing I did the very next morning was to hand over the two books from Sri Badrika Ashram to Prabhu-ji of Hare Krishna Mandir!

Swamiji’s infinite kindness and love is unparalleled. He lives by what He says! We should never ever disturb Him with unnecessary requests. I have taken the vow that I shall never carry gifts or requests on behalf of others to Swamiji! Because we can never know with what intent a person is sending a gift, whatever it is (something I intuitively realised)! 

I love my Swamiji more than my life. My only insecurity in life is to fall from His grace! I have still a long way to go! Jai Sri Hari!🌹🙏