Fear occurs to me only when I have little or no faith on Krishna. Fear happens when I have done something which is against my dharma.
I went to home for police verification and some exams, without officially giving an application to the higher authority. But I had informed the Post Master about it. I had also arranged one person for doing my duty in absence of mine.
There maybe some fault from my side but one thing for sure I have huge faith on Krishna. If the higher authority wants me to remove me or give me an chance to rectify. Both are okay.
Irrespective of the outcome , I will love krishna and sing his glories. I have come to this conclusion that this life is meant to be purify our vasanas and dedicate towards service of purpose of supreme personality of godhead.

At last I want to attach few words from gurudev 
” I’ve always held that faith doesn’t mean life will go according to you. Instead, it means that you learn to get along with life. You recognize that life must run its own course.
Your individual life is a tiny, albeit an integral part of nature. An immensely grand play, actually. “

In the last post I asked for some suggestions. As I haven’t been able to take the membership yet, so I am unable to see the comments. I am sorry for that. But I will try to take this membership and see all those suggestions. 
Jai sri krishna
Jai Guru deva
Namo parvati pate har har mahadev