O dark hued one, 

Your love permeates the creation,

A drop of sweetness touches every blessed soul that utters thy name

Your love so pure it touches the wretched and the saints alike

The world calls you a thief, Thief you are! 

O stealers of hearts, my doors are open

Come steal me away.

O handsome one, tell me why o why do girls still swoon over You even after 5000 years of your departure from this world

What magic do you hold, that sways my heart thus!

O dear one, what have I done that you allow me to utter Your name and revel in You.

This wretched soul devoid of any love has found solace in Your all pervading love

O Lord let me dive to depths where you play your rāsaleela

O Dear Lord please steal my heart away.

                                 *  *  *  

To all the lovely devotees here’s a song offering that I think you’ll  love: https://youtu.be/VH7QeLV3-lE . Pranaam.