Today, I am at nanu’s home. It has been 1 year. To be true. I miss him. The way he made food for all of us. And always been there for all of us. Taking care of my nani. Making her favorite food. His voice use to make the whole home cherish. 

As the night was on the way. He would make bed for all of us. With saying, ‘tum logo ko sona nhi hai. Chup chap so jao. Mein bhi ja rha hu. ‘

In the morning, as we still used to be in the bed. Nanu used to make chai and make nani do workout and use to give her warm water for bath. He would call out my name “Shabu chai….!!!”. With me rubbing my eyes. And as I enter the room he would pour the chai in the cup. 

Today, it’s all like a flip of a second. Everything has gone along with him. No new memories, no seeing again each other. Life is very short. And this passing year has nothing to offer. Just a hope that it shall pain less. Hopefully.