I loved writing on this platform. Infact I love writing and the OS family is kind enough to read my articles and encourage me. 

I don’t know how and why I just stopped writing and got busy in other things.  Guests being an important factor to divert me. It’s been quite some time since I posted an article. 

  • For  quite sometime I have been very off mood and listless. My son to encourage me kept asking, “so got any response to your articles??” That’s the time I realised that I was missing my interaction with the various members, their inputs and their encouragement. Though the positivity had nothing to do with my daily interactions of life but the feel good factor was so strong that it spilt  over into my personal life too. 

I needed to make time for myself where I could pen my thoughts and incidents. I know I sound cliched, but I learnt my happiness lies here in sharing and reading other friends articles, so back to reading, writing and getting back on track!!!.