This post is in continuation with my last post where I have mentioned about Basti Karma types. I shall elaborate on the same in this post.

Basti/Vasti Karma is chosen as line of treatment in various chronic cases, such as Arthritis, Paralysis, Obesity, Ulcerative colitis, Sciatica etc

Yoga Basti- Has 8 enemas, which includes 3 Decoction enemas and 5 oil enemas

The pattern is as follows from Day 1 to Day 8- (O-Oil enema, D-Decoction enema)-  ODODODOO

Kala Basti- Has 16 enemas, which includes 6 Decoction enemas and 10 Oil enemas

The pattern is as follows Day 1 to Day 16- ODODODODODODOOOO

Karma Basti- Has 30 enemas, which includes 12 Decoction enemas and 18 Oil enemas

The pattern is as follows Day 1 to Day 30- ODODODODODODODODODODODODOOOOOO

This therapy also includes localized Snehana and Swedana(Oiling and steam) before administering enema.

The herbs chosen for decoction is based on the condition to be treated and also it can have milk as one of the ingredient, again depending upon the condition.

The medicated oil chosen for oil enema is also based on the condition.

The decoction enema preparation has a standard method of preparation and needs skilled hands if one chooses to prepare it manually(because it has mix of oil and watery decoction that seldom mixes if taken together) it is triturated continuously(taken one ingredient at a time) for couple of mins to allow proper blending of both the mediums and at no point should it get separated), however these days mixers are used for blending. 

The Decoction enemas are given early morning on empty stomach and these decoctions have cleansing effect or nourishing effect based on the ingredients used and the condition treated. Whereas Oil enemas are given after food.

Decoction enema gets expelled from the body through stools in few mins after its administration and in case of Oil enema it takes few hours following its administration.

Why is decoction enema and oil enema given alternatively? That is to pacify the drying nature of decoction enema, in other words to pacify Vata with the oil, post decoction enema.

This treatment requires skilled therapists to perform the therapy. 

See you in the next post with details of another panchakarma procedure.

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