I saw a what’s app status which stated that “changing calendars won’t bring celebration,when our soul will  transform then the real celebration will happen” isn’t it true jQuery11240012710022629750295_1612927501266

Only the dates on the calendar has changed,have we changed 🧐. If even in this year we live with the same fears,habits, behaviours, tendencies or emotions which makes us weak or more fearful then is it a new year ?? Or its just  the new dates with new calendars with new pictures??? 

 And if we really in the truest sense want to celebrate New year then that is only possible if we have shedd our older patterns and added new habits, behaviour, actions and skills so that we can become a better human being and also do good in whatever job we are in..with which we will be benefited but also people around us will be benefited too..

So see for yourself that only the calendar in your house or at your work place has changed or you yourself has evolved too as a human being or not ??

              Love and light 🤗💫🙏❤️

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