How beautiful this feeling is, to begin a New Year leaving all the worries of the old one behind. A cup of tea, cool chilly winds of Himalayas, and a heart full of ambitions and positivity. 

For all the lost loves, let us mourn some, let us move on! 

For all the unfulfilled dreams, let us regret not and carry on!

Let us carry on with this little life of ours and the beauty that exists all around us.

Let us smile some more this year.

Smile at the hurt we receive from the world and smile for the kindness that we will yet again share.

In my Master’s words, let us…



A little info :-

As you all know (and maybe some of you don’t), that I am a freelance singer. That means I have been only able to make money through small gigs and writing songs. It is a challenging journey as an independent Artist in India.

So after a lot of thought and self-talk, I have decided to write more on, which will give me some financial support for both my Music and Writing career ahead.

I am already so much in gratitude with the love I have been given on this platform, that asking for more support doesn’t seem very nice of me, right!!

I’d still go on and ask you kind human-beings to support me by clicking on “Support the Author” button below this post (only if you think my posts make a difference in your life and you’d like me to write more 😅). A very happy New Year🦋.

Lots of love and good wishes your way✨

~ Taahira Om