Stop playing peek-a-boo with me!
I call out.

I look for the moon in the cloudy dark sky
I know it can hear me, it is there
behind that veil of clouds, teasing me.

It loves to play games
The sky is shimmering with it’s dim light
I too am gleaming in its soft hue.

My waves of emotions are high
I am smashing against the rocky cliff
and returning from the beach.

Ah! The clouds start to move
I pray for the wind to pick up
But it is holding its ground.

Oh, why does it do this to me?
I can wait no more
It cannot tease me like this.

It’s midnight now, I slow down
It’s not my nature, I am turbulent otherwise on this night.

Seeing me so still
it finally gives in
Radiant in its full glory.

Glistering across me, showering its light…
And, I am glowing in its love.