It’s been almost a month and a half or a little longer that the new black lotus app has entered my life. It has totally changed my daily experience with meditation…… it’s like waking up with Swamiji’s voice and having a conversation with him everyday. The wisdom and humour fills my mind with immense positivity and inspiration and I hear him say it all ( hallucinations you know) but whatever that is…. this new RARE framework is a profound gift to all of us by our guru.But you know these mortals , they always find a problem ….. and here the problem is the breaks that are given in between….. I keep feeling the whole day that something’s missing and Swamiji doesn’t want to talk to me today. I miss him so much even if for a day. Such is his grace😃😇

I request Swamiji and the black lotus team to please keep the breaks as optional if possible. But in any case me and others like me will find a way to meet him even during the breaks 😀😀🙏🙏