We all love summer holidays, as 90s kids, we have tons of memories and nostalgia associated with the summer holidays. When life was simple. The days of long afternoon naps, delicious mangoes, never-ending play breaks with friends and lots of time with family. We didn’t have luxurious tours or international travels. In fact, visiting the nearest state was also a big deal for us in those days. 

I grew up in a simple middle-class family of four members. Both my parents were working parents and were busy all the time. They decided to settle in a city so that I and my sister will get good educational opportunities. To be honest, I hated the city, and I still do. I always have liked simple people and simple things where people have time for each other and they greet each other with smiles and compassion. 

Maybe that’s why I loved the summer holidays the most. Because I got to visit my maternal grandmother’s house during that time. It was my happy place. Where there were fewer restrictions. Where I didn’t have to worry about my homework. Where I never felt like I don’t belong. People were simpler. Their dreams were simpler. They had much less but they were much happier. Where they were there for each other at the end of the day. That’s the beauty of small towns and villages.

The days used, to begin with, tasty breakfast cooked by my aunt. I used to play the whole day. All kinds of games with my friends. The summer heat never bothered me. And in the evening, my grandma always made sure that I pray to god along with her. She used to teach me different kinds of prayers. Such beautiful prayers filled with gratitude and faith sang the glories of the lord.

After dinner, she usually watched Mahabharata or Ramayan on Doordarshan national and I usually joined her happily. And the days always used to end with her telling me stories. Sometimes she repeated the same stories but I always listened to them with the same enthusiasm as if I was listening for the first time. 

After I grew up, I was burdened with more studies and gradually the summer holidays started becoming shorter before they completely disappeared and I stopped going there. Now when I visit the place, it feels like in the ever-changing world, this corner, my happy corner is still the same. People are still simple and happy with their life. They greet you with the same smile and warmth.

An introvert like me doesn’t find it difficult to make conversation with people while I’m there. I don’t have to remind myself constantly that everything is alright and everything is under control to keep my anxiety aside. I don’t have to count my blessing to be happy.

Everything is the same except people are older now and some of them are gone but they are replaced with newer younger generations and they are like their parents as well. Equally loving, accepting and simple. And in this corner, my happy corner I will always be happy and at peace.