Not Just Going Through Life, Growing Through Life.

I got this beautiful message from one of the talks of Gaur Gopal Das. My pranams to him 🙏. He is really an amazing person. His wit and brilliant ways of getting his message across is really commendable. I really appreciate him and his work. He often says—

Don’t just go through life, grow through life. 

You know, in our rush to live, we actually don’t live, we only pass through life. Have you read Francesc Miralles’ yesterday post : We are going to die, we are lucky? You know, we are lucky to have this precious life, but we don’t live it totally. In all our busyness and efforts to have a great life, we actually bypass life, and we don’t even realise. We have to learn to grow through life. If we only go through life, it’s as good as not living at all. 

Now, how to grow? That is the question. But the question that comes even before this question is—what is growth? This is the real question we have to understand first. We must understand what growth is. 

As a sapling grows into a tree, it becomes bigger and bigger, stronger day by day, and gets more branches to it. Until it finally reaches its full-bloom state, in its full expression. I see the process of growth in this light. To grow means to mature, to break free from our limitations and gradually achieve our full-fledged state. That’s what growth means to me. But, you can take your definitions. As long as we are maturing as a life, we are growing.

Life is a process of growth actually. Life tends to grow. It’s life’s natural tendency. But the growth that we’re concerned with is spiritual growth, or you can simply say—to mature as a life. It’s the same thing. But it is a conscious process. It doesn’t happen automatically. We have to consciously craft ourselves. This is the great art of living. 

Now, about the question ‘how to grow’ I can only say, if your limitations are breaking, you are growing. So, there’s no fixed method. Any method can work. Whatever method you choose—any form of yoga, spiritual practice, or simply having the attitude of surrender—it can help you grow, provided you’re ready to cast off your old skin. Just remember one thing: growth is a conscious process and you have to break free from your limitations. Then you are growing.

Grow through life, don’t just go through life!

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