Nothing Is A Problem In Life, Everything Is A Challenge.

Two nights ago, I was talking to a fellow brother on the phone. He is going through a difficult time in his life, because his father is no more, and he and his mother are struggling financially and emotionally. The only other member of his family, his elder sister and my good friend, is married. So, now, only he and his mother are in the family. 

He is a 3rd year undergraduate student of Baneras Hindu University. Besides his study, he is also giving private tuitions to at least bear his own expenses and not be a burden on his frantic mother. She always worries, as mothers always do. Actually they both worry so much that they have health complications. They both take medicines. 

I have good ties with his family and he considers me as a guide. I fully empathize with their situation, and I try to help him and his family as best as I can. 

But, financial problem is something that keeps bothering him. This is especially true if someone belongs to an economically not-so-good background. I myself belong to an economically lower class family. My parents have lived in poverty. After I got my teaching job, we have kind of bounced back somewhat. So, I know, how much an issue money is in our lives. 

After listening to him and his concerns, I shared my views, and at the end, I told him: “Nothing is a problem in life, see everything as a challenge.”

He is only 22 years old. And he has some degree of physical and mental problems. His confidence is generally low. As a result, he lacks energy and enthusiasm. After I said that, he said: “I am not yet at that level to have this attitude…that level of maturity has not yet come.” And I understand him. He needs time. And a lot of mental support. And I am there for him, in whatever way I can. 

It’s true that to have this attitude that everything in life is a challenge, not a problem—requires a certain level of mental maturity. Om Swamiji talked about mental maturity in his last post. He said, mental maturity comes with courage. To face every difficult situation in life needs courage! It’s not easy. 

Last Words

Well, if life was easy, it’d have been boring! No? Only because life has challenges, pain, suffering, struggles, as well as joy, laughter, love and togetherness, do we find a meaning in life. Otherwise, life has no meaning as such. But, having said that, I am fully aware of life’s hardships. I have eyes too. I see. And I’m not saying, living is easy. All I’m saying, our attitude towards life defines our life. If we see every difficulty in life as a challenge, and not as a problem, we’ll at least try to find solutions. But, when we see situations as problems, psychologically we hit a dead end. We don’t try to find solutions in this mindset, our whole attitude becomes problem-oriented. We should instead always be solution-oriented. Don’t you think this shift in our attitude towards life is absolutely essential? 

Nothing in life is a problem, everything is a challenge!

Thank You.

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