During last covid-19 wave that peaked in september 2020, the country was in its worst phase of covid era in 2020, we thought nothing could be worse than this.when cases started declining, we thought that the worst is behind us. There was a lot of hope and positivity when 2021 started, because cases were declining and had reached less than 20,000 daily positive cases in the whole country and vaccination had started in march 2021.Then, second wave of covid-19 came and all our hopes were shattered and now we are thinking what can be worse than this. The second wave has not ended yet and the news about the fast approaching third wave is in headlines all over the country. Experts are saying that this third wave will come in India in October 2021, and the same experts are saying that the second wave that we are currently facing will loose its steam by july 2021 when daily positive cases will be just 20,000 per day. It’s  not mere speculation that a third wave will come in India but the principal scientific advisor, Mr. K Vijay Raghvon, had said on may 5 that as the virus mutates further, a third covid infection is inevitable and it is necessary to be prepared for new waves. So,we should buck up and start preparing to survive the  third wave in october after this second wave gets over in july,hopefully.