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Now, the Discipline of Yoga

Often we are driven by other people or by circumstances. All this happens automatically and unknowingly. We really don’t aware about it, and spend a lot of time focusing on other people’s likes and dislikes. Even important decisions in our lives are influenced by the those people.

The control of our mind is not in our hands. We, giving the remote of our life in the of others’ hands, are governed by them.

They divert us from our path even in small matters. We have never even thought about what our decision is, on any issue.

Is this not slavery?

Or slavery is only to be ruled by foreigners economically and politically?

On the path of yoga or spirituality, we take the remote of our life in our hands. And proceed in the process of handing it over to the creator, or Supreme.

How much can we do in our own lives, wouldn’t it be great that taking control of this life from hands of few foolish people, handling it ourselves, and handing it over to the Supreme.

How efficiently he is handling this nature and all that surrounds us! Whatever we have done in life, it may not even be a fraction of that, what Supreme can.

Yoga and spirituality are its path. The path of yoga is the path of discipline. While disciplining oneself, the path of handing over the helm of this kayak of life to the Supreme is the path of yoga and spirituality.

That’s why – ATha YoGAnuShasanam – Now, the Discipline of Yoga.

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