I always wonder why I am born on 8th day. This number is very powerful number as it represents , since people born on 8th suffer much in life. It not their fault but not also the bad omen, but it is a blessing to be born on this date. Since it is the number of perfection and people born on this date are perfectionist and good souls at the same time. It is associated with strength, undying spirit to reach high even suffered with extreme lows in life. It represents such and growth at the same time since people have spirit to work and improve themselves which leads them to the growth that is eternal, it makes person purifies from inside that is the reason behind them being beautiful souls.

This number is both spiritual and materialistic, person born on this date will grow both spiritual and materially. It resembles infinity and which means that whatever goes around will come back. This is the principle on which law of karma works. It is said that the jaisa karoge waisa bharoge. It is resonates so much in their life. Therefore, as for I am always conscious of my conduct. Since, what you give will definitely come. I have felt and realized this in my life on day-to-day basis. it represents cycle of breath too.

One most important of number 8 is that it is number of spiritual growth, if you embark on spiritual journey, energy of number serves you in multiple ways. It is assured that you will reach a certain destination depending upon your Karma and past life preparations. Not saying it is easy but past life preparations are building stones. It is number of resurrection and rebirth, so any effort given in past birth will enhance the efforts towards spiritual fulfillment. And also, this number is also the lucky number of many countries…😊😊8️⃣ On a funny note, noticing number 8 on screen, time, post, comments etc many a times a day..You know synchronicity in play😎😍 

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om