A little poke from Medha ji in her last editorial set me into motion. 

I am a prolific reader but I have no clue as what to write about. I have many a times raked up my brain to find something interesting ….maybe some anecdotes, as wisdom I certainly lack, but nothing seemed interesting enough or informative for the brilliant people who make this community. I would refrain to write anything because there is nothing to write about in my not so  happening life.

I live a boring life and to take boring an extra notch, I live on top floor of my hospital. So, there is not even the daily commute  to work and back when you meet someone or something happens to change the daily routine. Or maybe listen to the latest podcast/music or Swami ji’s discourse. But for me, boring is good. If a patient gets sick, life suddenly becomes very stressful. I have Swami ji on speed dial to get me out of trouble. So, boring is in fact good.

I have been trying to meditate for the last 3 years. Is it that there has been a tecto




nic shift in my mind from a turbulent river to a gentle stream? Is it that unnecessary thoughts have left me for good? Is it that what ever I speak or do is filled with a purpose? Who am I kidding? If truth be told, my mind is still the same with a hurricane brewing all the time ready to destroy everything in its wake. I wish I had something meaningful to share with y’all.

I appeal to all the ‘man’kind in this community…..

O come all ye faithful, pick up your (s)words and pen down something beautiful. Anything. Even an unnecessary one like mine. At least it’s a beginning.    After all, all of us contribute to make this community as vibrant as it is.

Love and peace to all.

PS: Medha ji,I have done my bit. I can now go to back doing what I do best…..which is reading the wonderful posts written by the amazing people on board os.me  😉