1st June 2021

As the evening bade goodbye and the night approached, silence began to weave its magic and started drawing me towards itself, as if asking me to close everything, turn the lights off and just sit with it in the dark room. The mind was also unusually calm and stable, it didn’t bombard me with the usual incessant and involuntary thinking.

I did attend the call of silence after 11 pm. As i sat, it engulfed me. Something was stirring inside me, as if someone inside was yearning for, something ineffable, something beyond this tiny existence of mine; to come and end this yearning.

It was now past midnight, and i lay down on the bed; with some tears in my eyes, i asked the divine-“Are you and me separate?”, “Why i can’t feel you inside me?”, and “Who am I?”


I didn’t get an answer to my questions, yet something inexplicable happened. A poem was born from the lovely hands of the divine and chose me as an instrument to write it down.


Here is the poem (if it can be called one) –


O Divine, where are you,

Please come now,

For I can’t wait anymore,

Exhausted of driven by fears, afflictions and tendencies,

I yearn for you,

To come and hug,

To come and take in your lap,

This broken soul.


I know something is missing,

Silence intensifies the yearning,

And external world’s riches can’t satisfy,

The inner calling for you.


They say you are closer to me

than my own nose,

They say that you are present everywhere

and in everyone,

Yet i can’t see and feel you anywhere, let alone myself,

O Divine, where are you.


O Divine, where are you,

Please come now,

For i can’t wait anymore,

To play and bask in your illuminating presence,

And to finally merge in you.



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