O Mother Goddess
of the heavens
Your dark face so bright
etched upon my mind
is like an old impression
a favourite memory
of a distant time.

You feel so close
as if your smile has opened
a doorway to heaven
when the corner of your mouth
curls sideways
I know you’ve reached out
and touched my hand.

These rare moments
when You and I are locked
as Mother and child
I express my love
as naturally as one must
it’s so real that I forget
as all devotees do
that You are stone
and I’m flesh.

O dear Mother
please bless me more
with these visions of yours
my each breath a tribute
to your lotus eyed form
in whose presence the heart
swells like a wave
flows like the wind
melts like honey on a fiery plate.

O beautiful Mother
a glimpse of You
softens the most hardened men
then what to say about me
You bring out the best
in me…
the colour pink becomes You so
a thousand lotuses blooming at once.

Now as I walk on the grass
gaze at the mountains
to the trees standing high
an image of You
blots out the sky
O dear Mother
I wish these restless eyes
would carry your beauty everywhere
as the clouds ferry
the rain.

In your perfectness my beautiful Mother
please accept these imperfect lines…

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